(Lady in the middle top)

Hindu (India)
Healer, integrate feminine power
Teaches me about empowerment of women and integrating that power in feminine way

(Women at the bottom)

Creative energy (South Korean), Elder Shaman

Tsunee is here to guide me with work for the community, using my shamanic gifts and helping me with my energetic growth process so that I can guide others

Bottom middle


Master Teacher for Prosperity and Wealth, Facilitation guide.

Bottom right

He is an angel and my protector. He assist me with communication and messages from Spirit. He assists me with my course work and other writing. He also helps me with restoring of faith and hope to humanity.

Totem Animals

Farsightedness and vision, Higher perspective

Water Buffalo
Emotional balance and grounding


(Right Photo)

The Magician I connected with him about two years ago and he has guided me on an amazing amount of levels to focus the energy of my magic work and guides me with the use of ritual within the my shamanic work.