Distance or Remote Bioscan assesses and treats subjects anywhere in the world.

• Are you tired of being dis-eased?
• Do you want to experience the feeling of   wellness?
• Would you like your Mental and Physical   Energy Fields in Balance and in Harmony?
• Do you have any animals, plants, etc that   are dis-eased
• Do you need to loose weight?

We restore the balance in a subject’s Vibrational Energy Fields with the most advanced Radionics device in the world.

Quantec® 5.2 scans the Energy Fields of the subject from a digital photograph sent to us by email, and then treats the subject remotely, balancing their Energy Fields which, when out of balance, manifest as disease symptoms.

The Quantec® device communicates with and can influence the Energy Fields in physical matter, be it human, animal or plant.

Thanks to modern computer technology, remote scanning and treatment is now possible, regardless of where you are in the world. This process is called Biocommunication.

How can Quantec® Bioscan benefit you?

If you are experiencing emotional upsets such as grief, regret, rejection, anger, loneliness, broken relationships, divorce, financial distress and fear, they manifest as physical pain.

These can result in organ failure, accidents, terminal disease, diagnosed disease, addiction, weight problems, chronic fatigue, arthritus, back pain, headaches, gout, etc.

Quantec® counteracts energy imbalances and supplements the positive energies required to restore a subjects Energy balance to a state of harmony.

What are Toxins?

Mind Toxins are negative emotions, e.g. fear, guilt, anger, blame, judgement, etc. These are all programs recorded in our memory from early childhood, resulting in and manifesting as dis-ease in the Physical Body.

What does Quantec® do?

Quantec® 5.2 determines from its databases which specific energy fields are most desireable to balance a subject’s Energy Field.

It then broadcasts to the subject, at 3 - 6 hour intervals, the energy fields required to balance and heal. The broadcast is initially programmed for one month, broadcasting every 3 hours, but can be extended for as long as required.

We recommend an additional 3 months to consolidate and sustain the subjects health and vitality.

What is required for you to have a Quantec® Bioscan done?

Simply download and complete this form, and mail it along with a photograph of the subject to Tunnel of Light.

Cost: R400 for a Quantec® Bioscan, the printout of the subject’s Client Data Sheet emailed to you, and 3 hourly energy balancing transmissions for a 30 full days.

Please note: In the case of a human subject, we require their full cooperation, knowledge and consent before being scanned and treated