Counselling and Life
Coaching Sessions

During counselling and life coaching sessions various methodologies are used to assist the client with their choices in regard to love relationships, career choices, mental and emotional issues, money matters, etc.

R300 per hour session

House and Business Cleansings and Blessings

Do you have negative vibration in your house?

Struggling to sell your home?

Are you aware of ghosts or entities in your house?

Are you or your children struggling to sleep at night?

Have you just moved into a new office or house and want to make sure it is free from any negative vibrations so that you can live in peace and prosperity?

I will Cleanse and Bless your home, removing negative entities and vibrations and restore healthy and positive vibrations in your home and office allowing you to Prosper and be Happy.

I also do Protection Rituals for people whose homes have been targeted by robberies and theft.


Curse and Spell Removal

Are you the victim of a curse or spell?
Is your business all of a sudden going down hill?

Are things going wrong in your life for no reason?
Do you feel scared or have terrible nightmares?
Do you smell bad odours around you everyday?
Do you feel a negative energy around you?
Do you have bad headaches and are constantly tired?
Are your pets or plants ill or dying for no reason?
Do you suffer from unexplained health problems?

Are you emotionally feeling unbalanced?
Are you accident-prone or have you been involved in unexplained accidents?
Does everything you try and accomplish just fall apart, even though you put in a lot of effort to make things work?

The above are some effects of a possible curse or spell Curse and Spell Removals can be done at my home by appointment or through the post if you live too far away.

Magic spells

Protection, court case, work and love spells done on request after consultation. I work on the universal principle of causing no harm unto others, so please no revenge spells.

Tarot and psychic readings

I am guided through my spirit guides when doing readings and counselling sessions through my Clairaudient (hearing) and Clairsentient (sensing) abilities. Some people are afraid to have a reading because of fear of what may be revealed. The Idea is to give spiritual guidance and assistance in order to avoid possible pitfalls and blind spots in our future.

One should not be fearful and the point is that if you know where you are going it acts as a roadmap lighting your way to a better future. Remember, we always have free will and choice.

I have many Tarot Layouts to suit your needs for Making Decisions, regarding Life, Health, Finances, Business, Family matters, Spiritual Guidance, Personal Problems, Career, Love, Marriage, Relationships etc.

Tarot readings are combined with counselling sessions for guidance purposes. Readings can be done through personal consultation, via email or telephonically.

R300 per hour session.

Numerology and Pin Code Reports

This report assists you with understanding different aspects of your own being. Looking at both the person’s date of birth and their birth name can also assist and guide them on choices for career, etc.
Compatibility between partners are also part of this report and this guide you to better understand yourself and your partner to enhance relationships and for personal growth.

R150-00 per report

Usui Reiki and Karuna Ki Healing

I am a Master Teacher in Usui Reiki and Karuna Ki Healing. Using the symbols channelled by the Masters Reiki and Karuna Ki healing have proven to be a very effective method to clear any blockages from the energy system and assist with the clearing of emotional trauma, etc.

R220 per session ( 1 – 1 ½ hours)

Aura cleansing and chakra balancing

The energy field around us are subjected to various negative influences and this causes us to become out of balance on an energetic level. This can also result in ailments. The Aura Cleansing takes care of clearing this negative energy from our energy field and results in a feeling of lightness. The Chakra balancing then ensures that all the chakras are in alignment and ensures the energy to flow through all these centres.

R220 ( 1 – 1 ½ hour session)

Herbal Products

Soap, Bubble bath, Scrubs, cream, etc. Price list available on request. Herbal products for ailments also available.