The facilitator teaches participants the art of beginners drumming and participants stretches their co-ordination skills to the limit. It also connects them with an ancient art of communication through the form of music which brings about a deep healing.

R180-00 per person.

Sweat Lodges

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The Ceremony of the sweat lodge is an ancient Native American traditional ceremony of sweating within the sweat hut (somewhat like a sauna) but with a deeper cleansing and connecting with spirit to get a better understanding and guidance on our life path.
The group spends time together before the sweat lodge and the whole ceremony is explained in detail. Before you enter you will select a totem animal which has a very significant meaning for your life.
Not just a spiritual experience when you sweat within the sweat lodge, but also very good for the skin. Chanting and singing in the hut brings out the harmony and music in all of the team and create a bonding within the team that is incredible, creating your team song. Sweat lodge weekend packages are available.

R380 per person per session. Groups of minimum of 10 people. Includes light supper. Ceremonies done in the evening.

Fire Walk

Test your courage and ability to block out the pain. Not for the faint of heart…

R170.00 per person.

Wedding planning

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NLP (Neoro Linguistic Programming)

NLP is a user's manual for the mind and shows you powerful ways of changing your perceptions, problems, and fears. More than that, NLP is the study of excellence, and how you can become excellent at what you do! Learn about the influence language has on us and how you can also speak in ways that have a powerful impact.

• Experience new heights of performance
• Use language with artful precision to   positively influence any situation
• Design and ask precision questions
• Help others to make better decisions
• Overcome fears and anxiety
• Learn to create infectiously compelling   and empowering emotional states
• Increase your own personal effectiveness   for years to come

R300-00 per session


Want to stop Stop smoking, Lose weight, Decrease stress, Gain confidence, Eliminate fears, Facilitate healing, Improve athletic ..then Hypnotherapy is the answer.

R300-00 per session